Submarine manual torpedo shooting solution

Submarine manual torpedo shooting solution
28/10/2009 · This will give you a solution that will probably result in a hit for a slow target, but as you get fast targets close to a course 90º from your own and get maximum lead angles, you will miss. I recommend reading the Submarine Torpedo Fire Control Manual, where you can find your equation and the correct parameters for its use. Also “math
The chief weapon of your submarine is the torpedo, and the captain must make sure the submarine’s torpedo tubes are loaded and ready for battle.. By default, the crew will start reloading the tubes once they are emptied (through firing).. You can order your crew to wait for your commands before starting loading operations, which may be useful
Folks, Submarine Qualification Book – Mark 37 Torpedo, 1966 is a section of an officers qualification book describing the tactics used with an early version of this electric Cold War homing torpedo.. Pages 2-6 through 2-28 are missing from the original. In this online version of the manual we have attempted to keep the flavor of the original layout while taking advantage of the Web’s universal
I do understand the logic of what the captain is doing – spreading the torpedoes so that they’re not all in-line. I played submarine games in the arcade, and just like skeet-shooting, you aim for where “they might be when the torpedo arrives”, not “where they are now”, unless they’re docked. I really do totally get the entire concept of aiming.
Quiet as a Mouse . Developing a truly stealthy torpedo will provide more approach-and-attack options for our submarines. A stealth weapon that cannot be heard until very late in the encounter will delay the threat’s detection of the torpedo and impair its ability to respond effectively with …

Submarine torpedo tube. A submarine torpedo tube is a more complex mechanism than a torpedo tube on a surface ship, because the tube has to accomplish the function of moving the torpedo from the normal atmospheric pressure within the submarine into the sea at the ambient pressure of the water around the submarine.
2) a torpedo tube 3) the Vertical Launching System (VLS) if your submarine possesses one Weapons in stores need to be loaded into torpedo tubes in order to fire, while weapons in torpedo tubes are ready to fire, unless they are currently in the process of being loaded into that tube. TORPEDO TUBES
of the running craft, which was just like a torpedo boat. This design made the submarine able to occasionally submerge and surface, later becoming the practical solution for many decades. ( Burcher & Rydill, 1994) It was also John Holland’s design which made it possible to surface the vessel at the beginning and end at the patrol, which is exactly what a modern submarine can now do, whether
Etymology. The word torpedo comes from the name of a genus of electric rays in the order Torpediniformes, which in turn comes from the Latin torpere (“to be stiff or numb”). In naval usage, the American Robert Fulton introduced the name to refer to a towed gunpowder charge used by his French submarine Nautilus (first tested in 1800) to demonstrate that it could sink warships.
Submarine Attack Course Finder Mark I Model 3 Manual, O.D. 453, is a reference manual from 1922. It describes the circular slide rule commonly know as an “is-was” used to calculate an approach and attack by an submarine. This was created from a mediocre photocopy.
17/03/2012 · The submarine will also participate in a naval task group exercise off the West Coast of Vancouver Island where she will take part in multi-ship coordinated anti-submarine exercises in …
I.e. informing destroyers about the position of hostile submarines, and vice versa. We’re going to change the mechanics of the skill with the different diving depths in mind and bring it back into the game in the following rounds of the test. A lot of players pointed out that the system of switching between torpedo tubes was not very
Closest to the claimed technical solution is a SUBMARINE, the torpedo tubes which description is by the article authors A. Sokolova, Generalova O. “System loading and shooting the ammo DPS”. Foreign military review, 1995, No. 10, pp.52-54. The composition of the hydraulic torpedo tubes of submarines are the torpedo tubes installed on the
During World War I, the standard American submarine torpedo was the 18-inch Mark 7. This had a maximum range of 5,000 yards, and a top speed of 35 knots, with a 326-pound warhead. As this torpedo was used in the “O” class submarines, it remained in service in training boats through World War II.

The math behind a perfect firing solution at any angle

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Evaluation of Submarine`s Tactical operations using heterogeneous models Kyoungwoon Bang Wooyoung Choi Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co.,Ltd Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Co.,Ltd Seoul, South Korea Seoul, South Korea …
Torpedoes are the most preferred lethal underwater weapons for naval platforms such as submarines, surface vessels, aircraft and helicopters. lists the world’s most advanced torpedoes based on performance characteristics such as speed, range and operating depth.
18/12/2019 · Then scrap the idea and just don’t add them. I don’t want WWII submarines between using torpedoes with active homing shooting solutions, operate only under water and have battery life like a freaking modern nuclear submarine or their immediate post war predecessors.
Dramatically (200%?) improved hit rate over the alternatives (see below). The TDC was an analog computer. When a targets course, speed and range were inserted into the TDC, it would automatically and continuously calculate the correct torpedo cour…
I originally saw this curve in the Submarine Torpedo Fire Control Manual. Sub skippers were told to try to fire with track angles at the optimum values, which are marked by small triangles in Figure 2. It was difficult for sub skippers to get an accurate estimate of the target ship’s course , …
A first rate manual torpedo solution can easily sink ships at 2000 meters. Deck Gun/Flak: To accurately fire a torpedo a submarine needs to know the torpedo’s speed, the target’s speed and heading, and the submarine’s speed and heading, and the distance to target. The following steps will acquire all the required info. Here’s an example with directions This is the target ship: Step 1
Modern torpedo will try to drive around the noisemaker and try to reacquire target afterwards, this is your window of opportunity to evade. MOSS is “submarine simulator” decoy; a specialized torpedo that emits sounds of a submarine after activation. Use it to draw enemies away from you or to a location of your choice, e.g. so you can get into
18/07/2018 · Submarine TORPEDO ATTACK training! (Plus a separate UGM-84 Harpoon MISSILE LAUNCHED during the same “RIMPAC” exercise to SINK SHIP.) This remarkable video contains two pieces of footage from same
03/12/2013 · Manual torpedo solution for shooting on the move in Silent Hunter Online. Keep on a side of a target, match its speed and follow the same heading …
Folks, Torpedo Angle Solver Mark VIII Operating Instructions, O.D. 3518, 1941 describes the hand operated torpedo fire control backup to the automated Torpedo Data Computer.It was commonly called the “banjo” and is used to calculate the angle a torpedo should be fired by an submarine.

Folks, Submarine Torpedo Fire Control Manual, is a training and reference manual from 1952.It describes how to plan a submarine’s approach and attack using the fire control systems on Fleet and Guppy submarines with straight running torpedos (without homing, wire guidance, etc.).
03/01/2010 · OPEN THE TORPEDO DOORS FIRST, Q key. Shooting using a lead angle is a different firing solution, constant bearing solutions. Dick O’Kane (90°), Cromwell (45°) vector analysis, any AoB. You do not turn on the PK for any of them and with vector analysis you don’t input any thing into the TDC unless you have used it for some other attack. These
Using the Surface action increments the depth of the submarine by one, so a submarine at deep depth (4) would move to shallow depth (3 ). A submarine at Periscope Depth (2) would surface and travel on the ocean surface itself (1). Using the Dive action decreases the depth of the submarine by one, so a submarine at deep
03/10/2012 · Exploiting a range of innovations and advances in torpedo technology, a single F21 is able to knock out any surface combatant or submarine. The high energy density AgO-Al primary battery offers
If a periscope designer, and the Navy that employed him, was willing to forego the air search capability and build a periscope with a fixed head, the diameter could be extremely small. In some cases not much more than half an inch. The standard attack periscope used in American fleet submarines was 1-¼ inches in diameter at the upper end
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This extreme form of a genuine human torpedo carried a second torpedo underneath, which was launched at the target. Speed: 4 knots (7.4 km/h), and about 10 hours at 3 knots. One seat. This manned torpedo was named after its inventor Richard Mohr. Marder and Biber. These very small submarines carried two torpedoes and one or two men. There were

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World Of Navy Ships is a battleship shooting game with several types of ships. Tank Recon 3D. Lone Dwarf Games Inc. Explosive 3D Tank battles in real-time. A snapshot can be used at any time. The Fire Controlmen of the Watch maintains firing solutions on all contacts that sonar is tracking. When the Officer of the Deck announces snapshot and ID’s the target, the FT and the torpedo room dial in the firing solution and setup the torpedo for minimum safety distances and maximum acquisition distances
Submarines typically exercise their torpedo tubes once each week to make sure they’re operational, filling them with water and firing them. This is called “shooting water slugs”. On older submarine classes, the tubes are fired with 3000 pound high pressure air, and it’s pretty loud. Before firing the tubes, an announcement is made – “Shooting
This replacement head contained a calcium chloride solution that made its weight exactly the same as the warhead. The modified torpedo was loaded into a submarine, and Lockwood ordered a series of test firings. Set to run at 10 feet, the torpedo was launched from a distance of approximately 900 yards. When divers inspected the net, they
.99. You Sunk – Submarine Torpedo Attack. Spooky House Studios UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) They have cannons, but you have torpedoes! Sink them all. Naval Clash Battleship. Northern Captain. The classic battleship of the day when computers
To explain, modern submarine combat tactics use the submarines’ maneuvering capability to generate bearing rate to plot target track and range estimate for a torpedo shooting solution, not Active
21/12/2019 · That also gives a layer of depth to the gameplay (pun so very much intended!) for the submarine player. If he wants to be really sneaky: he can fire his torpedoes “blind” (without emitting pings, and thus without target solution “cone”, somewhat comparable to the “manual drop” from RTS carrier gameplay) at the target. Want some more assurance
The accurate solution of the torpedo fire-control problem, in order to destroy the enemy, is dependent in large measure upon precise knowledge of the enemy’s speed. The determination of this factor is in turn dependent upon knowledge of the submarine’s speed. The submarine underwater log system is the means provided for determining enemy speed.
The Mark 14 torpedo was the United States Navy’s standard submarine-launched anti-ship torpedo of World War II. This weapon was plagued with many problems which crippled its performance early in the war. It was supplemented by the Mark 18 electric torpedo in the last two years of the war.
The longer the better. The manual incorrectly tells you to press the clock button twice. During this time, I adjust the torpedo settings in the left slider window. Always set the torpedo to fast (I’m not sure why this is not the default). If you set the depth according to the target recognition manual …
Finally, sub vs sub warfare would be fully manual using the above mentioned torpedo attack mechanics. You set the torpedo depth, you aim it like a surface ship aims its own torps (torp arc) and its up to you if you can land a hit on another sub underwater at close range. Remember subs rise and dive very slowly. Each nation should have its own perk.

Torpedoes and the Next Generation of Undersea Weapons

25/11/2006 · A shooting solution is not for wargames. For instance, on a submarine, when the weapons officer announces “I have a shooting solution!”, it means that the sonar, computers and wepons have linked up and have determined the range to target, depth of target (if it is another submarine), water temperature, the firing submarine’s depth, and has calculated the projected run time for the weapon (in
20/08/2018 · Take charge and drop bombs towards enemy submarines. Evade incoming torpedoes and move on to the next level.
Folks, Torpedo Data Computer Mark 3, Mark 3, Mods 5 to 12 inclusive, O.P. 1056, 1944 describes the most successful torpedo fire control computer of WW II.It is considered a masterpiece of mechanical computing design. Please report any typos, or particularly annoying layout issues with the Mail Feedback Form for correction.. Richard Pekelney
17/03/2006 · You have take into account speed, course, angles, sub depth, and prevailing to determine where to aim, when to fire, and how to set your torpedo. This could involve complicated math, and before computers, much of the math had to be done by hand. So there literally was a “firing solution” that had to be found if you wanted to hit something.
Another solution was adding acoustical guidance to the torpedoes. Evidently, such a torpedo would be able to track the target itself, thus negating minor aiming errors from the crew’s part. For a complete overview on the settings that you can make for the Pattern running torpedoes, see the “Torpedo Armaments” section of this manual.

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